BGN #75 |Will Packer, Peaky Blinders and All Things Wrestling

Segment 1: Executive Producer Will Packer known for films like Straight Outta Compton and Ride Along is producing the new reimagined Roots miniseries. He discusses the series and why Alex Haley's story is just important today as it was over 30 years ago.

Co-hosted by: Joelle, Caron, and Kristin

Edited by: Jamie Broadnax

Segment 2: Sam Benjamin talks about his career as an actor, writer, and producer. As well as his role on the BBC Netflix show Peaky Blinders.

Hosted by Caron

Edited by: John Bauer

Segment 3: We chat about everything related to the performance sport of wrestling from our fave WWF/WCW/WWE wrestlers of all time and we reminisce what got us into it. This was a topic sent over by fan demand!

Co-hosts: Kristin and Anique

Edited by: John Bauer

Music by: Sammus and Shubzilla