BGN #79 | Women In Film, Classy Living, and Orange Is The New Black

Segment 1: Melody Cooper is a writer, director, producer, and playwright and has worked on several films and plays. She discusses her work in the industry and how she is changing the landscape and creating opportunities for Black women in the film industry.

Hosted by Joelle

Segment 2: Tarrah Gales is a member of executive leadership for Classy Living Society, LLC. She discusses how the organization is committed to providing volunteer services and to stand against sex trafficking.

Hosted by Kayla

Segment 3: We have panel discussion surrounding the popular Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black. The season 4 finale came with some polarizing takeaways.

Hosted by Jamie, Kayla, Caron, Tora and Ashlee

Music by Sammus, SkyBlew, and Regina Spektor

Segment 1 edited by MR Daniel

Segment 2 edited by John Bauer

Segment 3 edited by Jamie