BGN #80 | Rooster Teeth, Tarzan, Fiction Writing and Preacher

Segment 1: Gamer and cosplayer Mica Burton chats with us about her work in the digital space and being an advocate for all black girl nerds out there seeking inclusion and representation.

Hosted by: Jacqueline

Segment 2: Djimon Hounsou plays the role of Chief Mbonga in the new film The Legend Tarzan and speaks briefly about his character in the film.

Hosted by: Joelle

Segment 3: Ashley Terrell is the author of Black Sheep Shadow and shares her insight about the world of fiction writing.

Hosted by: Tora

Segment 4: AMC's new hit Preacher is a favorite among fans and actors Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga discuss their respective roles and how the series has been received among viewers.

Hosted by: Jacqueline

Segments 1 and 4 edited by John Bauer

Segment 3 edited by MR Daniel

Segment 2 edited by Jamie Broadnax

Music by: Sammus, SkyBlew, & Shubzilla

Closing song by: Trav B Ryan - Run The Knight produced by Ty Goods