BGT Episode 35: Reagan Gomez, All Shonda Everything, and MORE


Black Girls Talking #35: Reagan Gomez, All Shonda Everything, and MORE

We're briefly joined by Reagan Gomez who gives us the details on her awesome and much needed webseries. Then it's onto the discussion which includes the return of Shonda Thursdays (obviously), our new love "How to Get Away With Murder (obviously), Scandal, and Queen Viola's ***flawless response to that terrible, awful NYT piece. Speaking of news outlets, we discuss the current state of diversity (in some cases lack thereof) at the New York Times, Buzzfeed, Jezebel, and our high hopes for Roxane Gay's new gig, The Butter. Other topics include National Hero: Charlo Greene, Ramou's Best Night Ever featuring OPRAH, and a few listener letters (warning: don't start none won't be none).


Surviving The Dead Viola Davis Responds to Being Called 'Less Classically Beautiful': 'You Define You', The Root Latina, at the white, male New York Times: “Why are people thinking it’s OK to say racist sh-t in front of me?”, Salon What We’re Doing To Keep Building A Diverse Editorial Operation, Buzzfeed Introducing Three New Jezebel Staffers Introducing The Butter: Roxane Gay Is Coming To Stay With Us, The Toast Melissa Harris Perry's Black Feminism Syllabus #SWOONSTEP