Episode 16: Tiny Chicken Turkeys (Bria and Chrissy)

When Chrissy set out to find the Love Of Her Life (LOHL), her straw hat caught the eye of Bria one night at a Gay Place in Atlanta (GPA) and it turns out that same night Bria found what she would describe as the "Love Of My Life" (LOML). That is because they are the Loves Of Each Others' Lives (no abbreviation). But don't worry, person listen who hasn't found their LOML/LOHL/LOLZ! They DID have obstacles. Featuring second time guest host JULIA NUNES!Bria and Chrissy are an electropop duo and also "float in the YouTube 'Milky Way'". They love each other and document their dorkiness on the internet, which you can view on their website -- www.briaandchrissy.com -- and beyond (as in beyond the Milky Way into other solar systems)!

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