150th Episode Guestless Spectacular

Ep. 150 - For our 150th episode we decide to do a little something different... so instead of talking food with a musician or music with a chef we gathered up all of our guest hosts to shoot the shit about food and music.  Tall Tales + The Stew podcast host Jason Stewart (aka DJ Themjeans), Thrillist's Jeff Miller and Producer Chuck P all join Zach over danish.  Among the topics discussed are:Zach's trip to Santa Clara this weekend to see The Grateful Dead and scour the parking lot for fatty egg rollsAlma Restaurant announcing a new crowd funding campaign and what it all means for them and the restaurant business itselfWhat Jason thought of Fuku in New York (David Chang's new fried chicken spot)And Thrillist's recent list of 50 Things You Have to Eat in L.A. Before you DieAnd then at the end, we introduce a new feature called "Worst Food Blogger of the Week" where Zach vents about something online that really pissed him off.  Let us know what you think of the guestless format by tweeting us @foodisnewrock.  If you like it, we'll do of more of these shows!

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