Epic Meal Time

Ep. 101 - Harley Morenstein, from Epic Meal Time, is our guest on this week's podcast.  Zach went to their studio on the day the US lost to Belgium in the World Cup (because Canadiens don't give a shit about American soccer) and talked to Harley about their brand new show Epic Meal Empire, which debuts on the FYI Network on July 26th.  Warning: there are spoilers. He also tells us what kind of music he listened to growing up, and about one of the terrible music videos he directed before starting EMT (which he compares to Wu Tang). And towards the end, Harley may or may not admit to coming face to face with a pig and feeling a tad bit guilty.  Epic Meal Empire debuts on FYI TV Saturday, July 26th at 10ET/11PT. Get more info at http://www.fyi.tv/shows/epic-meal-empire

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