G Love

Ep. 91 - Considering the whole "Special Sauce" thing, it should be no surprise that singer G Love is into food.  But did you know he actually has his own line of real deal hot sauces available in stores? It's called G Love's Special Sauce (naturally) and comes in three flavors- Original, Carribean and Thai sweet chili.  We talked to him about how that came about, but he tells us what it was like growing up in Philly with a mom who taught kids cooking classes out of their house.  He also tells us about how knowing what jicama was got him a job at a fancy Boston restaurant, and how he used cooking and sushi to woo his 8th grade girlfriend. At the end, we tell him about the 90s video we uncovered of him cooking shirtless.  G Love's new album is called "Sugar" and is in stores now.  Get more details about that at http://philadelphonic.com and get info about his hot sauce at http://gloveshotsauce.com

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