Ivan Neville/The Head and the Heart

Ep. 57 - Outside Lands was this past weekend in San Francisco and Zach was there stuffing his face and recording podcasts... but mostly just stuffing his face.  He did manage to snag Ivan Neville for a 15 minute whirlwind conversation about New Orleans food, and then immediately afterward snagged Jon and Josiah from Seattle's The Head and the Heart while they were eating lunch backstage. They talked about Paseo's, frozen truck stop burritos, and what kind of catering Dave Matthews has with Zach and guest host Jeff Miller from Thrillist.The Head and the Heart's new album "Let's Be Still" comes out October 15th on Sub Pop Records, and Ivan Neville's band Dumpstapunk is currently on tour.  You can get more info on both at http://www.theheadandtheheart.com/ and http://www.dumpstaphunk.com/And to see the photos of all the food Zach stuffed in his face at Outside Lands, go to our website www.foodisthenewrock.com or follow us on Instagram @foodisthenewrock

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