Joe Bastianich

Ep. 82 - Restauranteur, Masterchef Co-Host, Italian wine expert, and marathon runner are all things this week's guest are known for.  But did you know that Joe Bastianich also has his own band, The Ramps.  We talk to him about that (spoiler: they're huge in Italy) as well as his music experiences growing up in Queens- whether it be listening to his family play polka music in the living room, or sneaking off to the pier by the west side highway in NYC to see The Smiths, The Clash, and Miles Davis.  We also talk about how revolutionary the music was at the beginning of Babbo w/ Mario Batali, Tom Colicchio's guitar playing, Gordon Ramsay's obsession with Abba, and at the very end Graham Eliott returns to the podcast- for the sole purpose of being ridiculed by Joe.

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