Lisa Loeb

Ep. 88 - Lisa Loeb is remembered by most people because of her song "Stay" from the Reality Bites soundtrack.  But those of us who are into food just as much as we're into music remember her as one of the OG food/music pioneers, thanks to her show on the Food Network with her then boyfriend Dweezil Zappa.  Since then she's made more music, started her own eyeglasses line (of course), and released a series of children's books and CDs.  And, naturally, she still obsesses about food.  We talk to her about her favorite restaurants in New York, L.A., Providence and Boston, plus she brought us doughnut cupcakes, and we brought her homemade almond butter and Chez Pim jam. And at the end of the podcast Lisa tells us about the benefit that happened in Vegas for Chef Kerry Simon last month, who was recently diagnosed with MSA. You can get more details about how you can help fight the disease at

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