Sean Brock

Ep. 186 - This week's guest is not just famous for hosting season 2 of PBS' Mind of a Chef, or winning a James Beard Award, or even his Charleston restaurant Husk- which is famous for its effort to preserve heritage southern ingredients and dishes (and now has a second location in Nashville.) He's famous for all of those things! Plus an incredible knowledge of bourbon. We talk about all of that plus his love of folk art, outlaw country music, and late 80s hip hop. Plus he admits to something involving Vanilla Ice that will shock even the most knowledgeable Sean Brock fans. Big thanks to the All Star Chef Classic for bringing him to L.A. last week so we could get a chance to sit down with him and chat music.Create a fantastic-looking website using WEEBLY. Join the over thirty million people who are already dreaming big - get started today for FREE at is the meal kit delivery service that makes cooking fun, easy, and convenient! For $35 off your first week of deliveries, visit and enter FOOD when you subscribe!

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