THE WALKING DEAD Food Special w/ Emily Kinney

Ep. 164 - If you are a Walking Dead fan you know this week's guest Emily Kinney as "Beth" but did you also know that she's a super talented singer/songwriter? Her new album "This is War" is out now, and for the first half of the podcast we treat her like any other musician guest, asking her about her love of coffee, the food she eats on tour, what she cooks, and who has better catering: Walking Dead or Masters of Sex (ok maybe that last one isn't something we ask every other musician.) Then, on the second half of the episode, Emily joins us as we count down the Top 10 Greatest Food Moments of the Walking Dead to gear up for the Season 6 premiere this Sunday, October 11th. We start with a burger and fries in a cop car and end with... well... you probably know what we end with. Warning: if you're not caught up with Walking Dead, there are a ton of spoilers.

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