Wolvesmouth's Craig Thornton

Ep. 90 - Craig Thornton is this week's podcast guest, the chef behind the critically acclaimed "underground" Los Angeles dinner loft known as Wolvesmouth. Craig is not only an outstanding chef, but his plates of food are regarded by many to be works of art- a notion we spend a lot of time talking about on the show.  He also tells us about the time he got 86'd from the now closed Cane's in San Diego for beating the crap out of a guy... and then we tell him about how we pissed off Trent Reznor, and ask if he can help us apologize for what we did.  Craig's latest project is a second installment of Cut Your Teeth, a collaboration between him and artist Matthew Bone that goes from May 7th to June 14th. Get more info and buy your tickets at http://wolvesmouth.com

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