Episode 31: Oh My Goff! (featuring Amir Blumenfeld)


NFL Week #13, BACK UP THE TRUCK. Amir Blumenfeld (Jake and Amir, If I Were You) joins the pod to discuss if Kirk Cousins is for real (3:45), watching the Raiders at Thanksgiving (6:00), dislocating fingers (6:50), Jared Goff (9:50), the disconnect b/w fantasy and reality football (11:00), NY Jets (20:15), Ezekiel Elliott for MVP (21:00), Belichick’s love letter to Donald Trump (23:00), Drew Brees (24:50), waiver wire adds (29:10), college vs. pro football (31:10), Nick Saban (35:00), dream college football trips (37:00) and—what else?—the surging LA Lakers (43:00)—ENJOY!Email: Twitter: @HeadGumFFLFOLLOW ALONG: www.headgumFFL.com

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