Episode 33: Playoffs Rd 1, A Workable Distraction (featuring Lucas Kavner & Matt Hobby)


NFL Week #15, CHECK YOURSELF. Matt Hobby (American Town Hall, THE GRINDER) and Lucas Kavner (The New Yorker, Huffington Post) join the pod to discuss ‘walking nightmare’ playoff performances (3:20), not trusting the Redskins (4:15), sweating out playoff victories (9:00), workable distractions (14:40), pumping up the TE Coach (22:11), new names for Chris Smith, KIA FORTE (28:00), the incredible performance of Le’Veon Bell (32:00), medical marijuana for athletes (33:00) and David Johnson for MVP (43:20)—ENJOY!Email: Twitter: @HeadGumFFLFOLLOW ALONG: www.headgumFFL.com

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