EP 34: Skylar Astin AKA "Mama I Made It"


WHAT an Episode! Skylar Astin (Graves, Spring Awakening, Pitch Perfect, Hamlet 2) inexplicably allows Utkarsh into his home for an epic chat. Exactly 5 years ago the two had just begun filming the now-classic movie "Pitch Perfect", an experience which changed both their lives. They dive into the last time they saw each other at the MTV Movie Awards, when Utkarsh forgot all his rhymes on live television, how they met and how an initial misunderstanding led to friendship. Skylar also details his experience acting opposite Nick Nolte in his new Epix show Graves and how he deals with his fears in the workplace. In closing, Skylar discusses his family's experience during his Mother's fight against breast cancer. Skylar gives Utkarsh some friendly advice, too. TRULY an episode not to be missed. This one was a real pleasure. DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING MADE!!!

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