EP 38: Lin-Manuel Miranda AKA "Spit the Truth till we Chip the Tooth"


WEPA! Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, The Sopranos, Do No Harm, Sex and The City 2, Freestyle Love Supreme) was in Los Angeles doing press for his new film, Moana, and graciously spent some time with his buddy Utkarsh. Before saying hello to the newest President he says goodbye to the First President aka Christopher Jackson as he leaves Hamilton and tells a few never-before-heard stories about their friendship. The guys then discuss how they met for the first time and get into a super nerdy break down about their different approaches towards freestyle rap. The boys then talk about the early days of Hamilton and how that opportunity came and went for Utkarsh. Lin then dives into his philosophy on how and why he treats every single person who comes backstage as an equal and more importantly, HOW he does it! Where does he get the energy? Utkarsh expresses the fear he faces in his work and asks Lin how he faces fear in his own. Finally they touch upon the state of the nation, the new president, and how artists can activate and create in this new and uncertain time. And then Utkarsh shares some good news before they turn the mic off and stay up for 3 more hours rapping until Lin realizes he has severely cracked a molar. THIS EPISODE IS LEGITIMATELY EPIC!!! DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING MADE. cause-you know-it has its eyes on you.

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