EP 41: Parvesh Cheena AKA "What Would Bill Murray Do?"


Parvesh Cheena (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Outsourced) works ALL the time. He does not stop. And he's a sweetheart who seamlessly moves through all social circles with grace and joy. Parvesh stops by Headgum HQ to sit down with Utkarsh to talk about over-complimenting in Hollywood, the different ways in which they process great performances and Utkarsh's come up in NYC theater. Then Utkarsh asks Parvesh how he feels about being on the NBC sitcom 'OutSourced' and whether or not it set Indian people back in Hollywood. Then finally Utkarsh asks Parvesh about how and when he came out to his family and how being gay has affected both his career and personal life in hollywood. A joyfully honest discussion about theater life, sexuality and society. DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING MADE!!!

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