EP 52: Justin Chon AKA "Finding Your Story"

This week actor/writer/director Justin Chon (Twilight Saga, 21 and Over, Gook) invites Utkarsh into his home to talk about his new film 'Gook' which won the Audience Award at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The two take a deep dive into the past to discuss the beginning of their friendship not the set of Pitch Perfect-which in fact started with a lot of Grade A BEEF. They explain how they mended their relationship and then move on to discuss how difficult it is to create and finish your own work. Justin opens up about the trials and tribulations he experienced while making 'Gook', how he faced his fears and kept going, and what drives him to create original work. The podcast ends with a touching story about Justin and his father-who plays an integral role in the film-and what working with his father taught Justin about the American Dream and what it means to him. Ya'll gon cry. DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING MADE!!!

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