EPISODE 50: Randall Park AKA "Does This Dude Need An Accent?"

WOAH! We've done 50 of these!! A what a phenomenal guest to help Utkarsh celebrate his 50th episode. TV and Film star Randall Park (Fresh Off The Boat, The Interview, Veep, Office Christmas Party) stops by Utkarsh's pad to chat about the challenge, as a Korean-American, of playing Taiwanese-Chinese Immigrant Luis Huang on Fresh Off The Boat, what possessed him to take on the role of President Kim in "The Interview" and how he has approached roles as an Asian-American male in Hollywood. Let's put it this way--It's not easy to turn down playing a gas station clerk when you're broke. An insightful, open and honest conversation with one of (if not) the most successful Asian-American male actors in Hollywood. Also Utkarsh totally forgets not to curse. Like completely. So watch the kids. Other than that--What a freaking treat. DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING MADE!!!!

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