Episode 51: Patricia Guggenheim AKA "Teaching Funny"

What an episode! Comedian/Writer/Actor Patricia Guggenheim (Mary&Jane, Hashtaggers, Barely Famous) has spent years honing the craft of comedy at The Groundlings Theater, a school which has fostered the talents of no-names like Will Ferrel, Melissa McCarthy, Phil Hartman, Kathy Griffin and so many more super-dope folks. As a main company member, Patty has performed hundreds if not millions of times and brings that unique perspective and experience to this week's episode. Utkarsh and Patty break down the process of joining an improv school, what creative exercises she uses to help nurture her students' creativity and what it's like to be a woman in the male-dominated field of comedy. And finally she answers an age-old question--Can You Teach Funny? DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING MADE!!! this episode sponsored by the good folks at Blue Apron (thank you for helping Utkarsh get off the Top Ramen diet)

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