12: TEENAGERS with Verónica Osorio

Teenagers. Who on earth likes teenagers? Their own parents don't even like them! At the ripe ages of 31 and 33, Dan and Kelly are at a pivotal time in their lives where they are childless, but still old and curmudgeonly. Here to try and change all that is Verónica Osorio, a thirty-something herself, but a friend and spokesperson for teens everywhere. What, did the teens pay you or something, Veró? In chewed-up gum and skateboards?! Stick around til the end of the show and hear a bonus interview with Alexa Hudson, Kelly and Dan's teen niece (who we LOVE, for the record)!

Verónica is a dear friend and immensely talented actor, comedian, writer, and straight-up clowner. She has a legit past in the circuses of Venezuela and most recently graced the silver screen in a MF-ing Coen Brothers film. She is a fantastic live performer as well and hosts an all-female monthly sketch show at the UCB Sunset called the XX Factor. You can google her to stare at her beautiful face.

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