13: MILK with Matt & Poppy Silverstein

At last, the long-awaited and temporarily lost Milk Episode! Milk is terrible. We, as a society, decided that stealing the milk that a female cow makes for its baby and then feeding it glass by glass to our families is a good idea. Maybe it was a good idea in colonial days when other forms of nutrition were scarce, but today, we have no fucking excuse. Also, it gives most people big-time tummy problems! So what could Matt Silverstein and his daughter, Poppy like so much about it??

Matt Silverstein not only created the Comedy Central show, Drawn Together, but he's also written for such hit shows at Third Rock From the Sun, Greg the Bunny, The Man Show, The Cleveland Show, and most recently, Grandfathered. He's a fantastic dude and from what we can tell, a tremendous father. Meanwhile, his daughter Poppy is known for being in fourth grade and dressing cool. She wore an awesome hat the whole time we were recording the show!

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