14: FASHION with Jake Fogelnest

Fashion. As David Bowie so famously wrote in his song of the same name: "Oh bop, fashion it's loud and tasteless and I've heard it before." Oh bop indeed, guys. We don't like fashion. The industry, the pressure, the starving tall people! It's a big load of hooey, yet it continues to be an enormous international empire! And you know who happens to really like fashion? Jake Fogelnest. Suprise, surprise!

Jake Fogelnest is not only a comedy writer, but a New York legend. I guess you could say he was the original "vlogger" (except with a real camera, not his computer, and public access, not the internet), though I'm sure he'd hate that term. But you could definitely say he's like a real-life Wayne's World. These days he is writing for such shows as Wet Hot American Summer, Difficult People, and the upcoming Netflix show, Girl Boss.

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