16: CARS with Nicole Byer

Oh my gosh CARS ARE HORRIBLE. Truly the devil’s machines, they contribute to the deaths of tens of thousands of people every year! Even with seatbelts and shit like that, 32,675 people were still killed in 2014 alone in car accidents. Now that I’ve got you really scared to drive ever again, I’m gonna tell you that our guest on the show today, Nicole Byer actually loves cars. The devil’s machines! But maybe not for the reasons you’d think…

Nicole Byer is fantastic to be around and knocks ‘em dead on television often. You may have spotted her on Party Over Here, Lady Dynamite, and for sure on MTV’s Girl Code. She actually has her VERY OWN TV show coming out on MTV on September 5th called Loosely Exactly Nicole which you cannot miss. It’s going to be too good.

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