21: PARTIES with Jamie Lee

Parties are one of the most overrated things in history. The word itself has such fun and positive connotations. It's supposed to be something awesome and exciting but then you get there and it's like "Why am I here? Why am I not at home cuddling with my doggy watching the finale of The Night Of on my stolen HBO Go account? Why am I not solving disease? Why am I at a function made for socializing when I don't feel like socializing? AM I OLD?" The answer to that last question is probably yes. Jamie Lee has something to say about parties and we thought this would be the perfect platform.

Jamie Lee is a beloved and very funny stand up comedian. I would use the word "comedienne" but I'm pretty sure that is a stupid word to use. You probably know her from her appearances on Girl Code, Chelsea Lately, and @midnight, but you can get more of this gal by keeping an eye out for her new podcast, "Best of the Worst" coming out TODAY, September 1st. Check it out!

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