28: WHITE MEN with Will Hines


What can you say about white men? They’ve entered an age of deplorability. They’re a lost cause. They took terrible advantage of their power for too long and now… it’s over guys. Your day in the sun has passed. Winter is coming… for white men. As the term “white men” has basically become a curse word at this point, we were very surprised that someone would come forward to defend them… and a white man, no less! Will Hines is here to tell you why white men are worth a damn!

Will Hines is a lovely man who’s been killing us with hilarity for years on the UCB stage. We respect him SO HARD. He can be seen in just about every comedy thing you’ve ever seen, guys. Check out his Twitter @willhines and BUY HIS BOOK called “Improv Nonsense: All the Posts” and his OTHER BOOK “How To Be The Greatest Improviser On Earth.”

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