Fraternities and sororities are only ever in the news because of some horrible hazing mishap that led to someone's death or eternal mental scarring. So what are they good for? A bunch of dudes getting together to drink beer and sexually assault women? A bunch of chicks gathering under one roof to criticize each other's bodies and hair color? One man is here to clear the air for 'frats' and 'sorors' so I guess let's hear him out.

Ty Stafford is for realsies a dude that listens to this podcast and just straight-up wanted to come on the show to defend fraternities and sororities after hearing we didn't like them! We don't know this man. He doesn't know us. Yet we spent a wonderful afternoon with him and no one got murdered! In addition to being a pretty big sweetheart, Ty is a big time ad man. So basically, he's Don Draper, but taller and nicer.

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