36: BEING ANNOYING with Gil Ozeri featuring Emily Strachan


Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah everyone! And in the spirit of the holidays, our topic today is "being annoying." Why would we do a show on "being annoying" you ask? The only reason I can think of is because our guest today is such a close friend that we'd do just about anything he wanted to do the show on. Except for maybe boogers or vomit or something. Sorry folks, there's no liking boogers and vomit.

Gil Ozeri is one of our closest friends and quite possibly the funniest person on earth. And wow, he is such a little twerp. His wife Emily Strachan is also one of those people who might be the funniest person on earth. God only knows who the real funniest person on earth is. Check Gil out on Snapchat or watch all of his old ones at @gilozerisnap on Instagram and Twitter.

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