39: MMA with Sam Kemmis

Mixed martial arts is a classic example of something we do NOT LIKE. Meryl Streep was damn right they ain't "ARTS!" We've watched a clip or two of it, and it flat-out scares and disturbs us. A no-holds barred fight between two people couldn't be a worse idea! And have you seen that documentary "Tickled?!" Well, you should! It's a great documentary that sort of touches on the subject of MMA!

Our friend Sam Kemmis loves MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He continually invites us to watch fights on TV at his house even though he knows we aren't even the slightest bit interested and that I'm allergic to his damn cats. Sam is a tall, smart man and the head writer at Onion Studios. Some would call him a budding “silver fox.” I would, at least. And he can also be a little scheming troll. There are many angles to this Sam fellow.

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