41: CONFRONTATION with Shaun Diston

Don't you love it when you have to confront someone about something? Isn't that the funnest? What about when someone confronts YOU? That's even MORE FUN! We are of course being sarcastic little weasels. Confrontation is one of those things that makes life hard as hell. Oh god just thinking about it is making our buttholes clench. Some people's buttholes are NOT clenched about this though. One of those people is Shaun Diston.

Shaun Diston is an old pal from UCB. In fact, I think he performs more than anyone we know. It seems mandatory that Shaun is performing at the UCB Theatre every night of the week. A very admirable quality. He's written for shows like Wrecked and Playing House and is such a fun and nice guy. I can't believe he likes confrontations, but okay.

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