46: ANIME with Nate Fernald

Anime may have been a much bigger subject than we bargained for, we admit it. There are so many different aspects and facets to anime! But a lot of them are really boring, unoriginal, and often sexist. Anime is also really weird but we can't pretend that's a reason to dislike it. Hee-hee. Nate Fernald really wanted to talk about it with us today!

Nate Fernald is a writer and buddy of ours who is known for The Pete Holmes Show, Six Degrees of Everything, and for his role as comedian Bart Folding on Louie! If you ever hear of him doing standup in your area, I highly recommend going to see him. He's a very funny dude.

We've started photographing our guests with an unlit cigarette and sunglasses and posting them with the 'sodes on Headgum.com, so enjoy seeing those from here on out.

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