48: THE BACHELOR with Lang Fisher

The Bachelor Season 21 just came to a close this week in perfect timing with our episode about it! But wow, what a horrible idea for a show. If we are being honest, we can see why people would want to watch it but the ethics behind it are... questionable. Getting married is a HUGE STEP, guys. We would know. But Lang Fisher LOVES The Bachelor and so do a ton of other weirdos so we will give it a whirl!

Lang Fisher is a fantastic writer for The Onion and such shows as 30 Rock and The Mindy Project. She is extremely fun and has what sounds like a very sweet TV-watching setup at home. We are jealous.

We’ve started snapping photos of our guests with an unlit cigarette and sunglasses and posting them with the ‘sodes on Headgum.com, so go look at ’em. Our guests are adorable and deserve to be stared at.

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