49: OPERA with Josh Ruben

Opera has been lost on us basically our entire lives. Opera is something to parody, to make fun of, to look at from afar and say "That seems very boring and strange." So why on earth is it so popular for some people? They have whole big fancy buildings dedicated to these performances! There must be some appeal, right Josh Ruben? "Right!" said Josh Ruben.

Josh Ruben is truly one of the funniest humans I've ever seen. Please go and watch all of his old College Humor character videos. They are endless and brilliant. He also is part of an amazing directing team with Vincent Peone. Check them out here: http://joshandvince.com/

We’ve started taking little iPhone photos of our guests while they hold an unlit cigarette in their sunglasses and posting them with the ‘sodes on Headgum.com, so go look at ’em. I think it's important that you see how cute our guests are, physically.

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