50: CAMPING with Jen Tullock

Apparently people camp for fun. Do mosquitoes, ticks, dirt, and rain sound fun though? I mean like, not to a total weirdo. Because we know weirdos like dirt and ticks. WE KNOW. Camping, or as we like to call it, pretending to live outside for a fews days, is dirty... and strange? Jen Tullock likes it.

Jen Tullock is one of those people you meet and you're like, whoa where have you been? She's so talented and has a sense of familiarity to her voice that is just magical. She is a very talented actor, writer and director. You can see on her amazing Super Deluxe series, Disengaged and acting in such shows as Casual and Roadies.

We’ve started taking little iPhone photos of our guests while they hold an unlit cigarette in their sunglasses and posting them with the ‘sodes on Headgum.com, so go look at ’em. I think it's important that you see how cute our guests are, physically.

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