52: MARRIED STUFF with Adam Countee and Tracey Wigfield

This week we did a bit of a different format. We addressed the broad subject of being married with one of our favorite married couples, Tracey Wigfield and Adam Countee! What's their marriage like compared to ours? What was their wedding like compared to ours? Was their's better? WHY? For one, their wedding was covered by the G.D. New York Times... So like, I guess that's "better" than a wedding not being covered by anyone but a bunch of people's Instagrams that showed the extensive wreckage of the tornado that hit it.

Adam and Tracey are both fantastic writers who have worked on enormous hits such as The Mindy Project, 30 Rock, Community, and Silicon Valley. I mean, Jesus. Those shows are huge. Also, FYI, Tracey is Dan's boss on her new show "Great News" premiering this month on NBC! WATCH IT, YOU FOOLS! OUR VERY LIVELIHOOD DEPENDS ON IT! We must feed our dog and the podcast is not enough to cover the astronomical dog food bills.

We’ve started taking little iPhone photos of our guests while they hold an unlit cigarette in their sunglasses and posting them with the ‘sodes on Headgum.com, so go look at ’em. I think it's important that you see how cute our guests are, physically.

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