54: 4CHAN with Matt Klinman

Oh boy, where do we begin with 4chan? We don't really even know what it is other than the fact that it has to do with reddit? And conspiracy theories? The trolls of 4chan are probably reading this right now and there is nothing we can do to stop them from calling us a bunch of snowflake cuck JEWS. "Jew" is an insult on 4chan so that is a reason right there to hate it's guts. Jesus Loueesus can we just all agree that being racist sucks!? ANYWAY...

Our nuts-as-hell friend Matt Klinman is also a brilliant writer, funny man, and geode enthusiast! You can see his work on the brand new Comedy Central show, Promlematic with Moshe Kasher, which just debuted this week!

Speaking of debuting this week, I've gotta also mention the show Dan writes for: Great News on NBC. It also debuted this week, it's a lot of fun, and yeah... he wrote for it so... watch it? THANKS.

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