56: VINYL with Andrew Steele

Collecting vinyl records might just be the biggest waste of time and space possible... next to collecting cassette tapes, I guess? They collect dust, they get warped, you have to play 'em on a record player. Vinyl was a level of hipsterdom that we never got into. What's the appeal? Andrew Steele, who has been both of our bosses at different times, is here to threaten to fire us if we don't change our minds!

Former head writer of Saturday Night Live, Andrew Steele is behind so many amazing things. To name a few: Lifetime's "A Deadly Adoption," the movie Casa de mi Padre starring Will Ferrell, all things Funny or Die, an actual episode of the show "Doug," and so many SNL favorites it'd be stupid to try and list them here.

Also, watch Great News on NBC. Dan writes for it and the success of this very fun and entertaining show is important to our tiny family.

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