59: SUPERHEROES with Paul Scheer

Superheroes are a make believe thing that we as humans think we need to save us from bad guys. What bad guys? Donald Trump? I kid. But wouldn't that be cool if Barack Obama got drenched in some sort of ooze and he kicked a bunch of ass? Why do people think this is cool? Paul Scheer is gonna tell us.

Paul Scheer is a buddy and amazing performer/writer/creator. Also, we found out in real time that he WRITES COMIC BOOKS. What can this man not do super well? Carpentry? Paul, can you build shit too? Probably. In addition to checking out what Paul is up to on his twitter: @paulscheer, you should probably listen to his episode of WTF with Marc Maron because I personally loved it and it made me love and understand Paul that much more.

We apologize for the late release of our podcast this week and we hope you are still able to enjoy it on a Friday! Kelly is forgetful sometimes. Please cut her a break.

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