6: GRUNGE MUSIC with Julian McCullough

We talk about grunge music this week in this VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of Make Me Like It! It's VERY SPECIAL because this time Kelly LIKES grunge while Dan does not. OOPS! We've got standup comic Julian McCullough to talk about his great enthusiasm for the topic alongside Kelly.

Julian can be found tourin' the country and standin' up all over Los Angeles. Just google the guy and you'll immediately see some cute pics of him and probably some info on what he's up to next. He can also be heard tellin' stories on some of our favorite episodes of This American Life and workin' dat mic on his very own podcast, Julian Loves Music. See, guys? He really does love music. Subscribe to his podcast you guys and also follow his Tweetbox here: @julezmac.

Theme Music by John Haskell

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