62: CATHOLICISM with Langan Kingsley

Two words: THE KEEPERS. I'm sure you've at least heard of the terrifying true crime Netflix documentary everyone is talking about these day that tells the story of what an impossible vortex of horror the Catholic church in Baltimore was and still is. We can all agree at least that the Catholic church is... problematic. And the queen of pointing out problematic issues is actually on our show today to DEFEND Catholicism: Langan Kingsley!

Langan is a 6 foot 8, leggy, busty blonde. Just kidding. She asked me to write that. She is one of our best buddies and Kelly works with her at Funny or Die! They star together in their own version of a fake-ass morning show called "Good Morning, Handsome" on Funny or Die's Facebook Live! WATCH IT, you silly babies!

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