67: LOCAL POLITICS with Hayes Davenport

Local politics? More like Snoozer Nap-itics! Can you think of something more brain-shutty-downy than local politics? We can't. Yet for some reason they are vital to the stability of our nation and there are people who dedicate their entire lives to them... Okay...? Hayes Davenport is here to talk about why he thinks they are cool, interesting, important, and cool. Hayes Davenport is a writer and hosts a podcast of his own called Hollywood Handbook with Sean Clements. He has written for such brilliant shows as Eastbound & Down and Family Guy, and currently writes with Dan Klein on Great News. Watch Great News. If you’ve got any questions, comments, or concerns about the current, past, or future Make Me Like It podcasts, shoot Dan and Kelly an email at ! Theme Music by John Haskell Logo Art by Darin Shuler.

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