69: TINDER with John Haskell

Welcome to the return of Make Me Like It! Let's refer to the following episodes as "Season Two," because it makes us feel more official. Also welcome to episode SIXTY-NINE BABY!!! YEEAAAAAHH! :-P :-P Anyway, the only difference between Season One and Season Two of Make Me Like It is that Kelly and Dan will start releasing their episodes every two weeks instead of weekly. We hope that's okay with everyone. It's just more realistic, goal-wise for us. Now, on to our first topic of Season Two!

Tinder has gotta be one of the grossest inventions ever. Where else can men be as nasty as they are capable of being with a direct private line to all single women? Well, I guess the entire internet, but that's beside the point! Tinder is a dead end of love! And we should know! We are married happily and did NOT meet online. But our dear friend John Haskell actually met his wife on it... weird.

John Haskell has been a dear friend for years AND happens to be the mastermind behind Make Me Like It's theme music. His work can be seen on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon! Anyway, John is a great performer and writer and his latest work can be seen on Sarah Silverman's new show on Hulu, I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman. We personally love this show considering the presently divided nature of our home country.

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Theme Music by John Haskell Logo Art by Darin Shuler.

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