76: THE REAL HOUSEWIVES with Alexi Wasser

The Real Housewives is one of those shows that we wish just didn't exist. These women won't stop going on big vacations and getting in huge fights on those vacations and just being rich and annoying. Like, come on, Bravo, figure something else out that doesn't involve rich people, why don't ya? Welp, Alexi Wasser seems to think they exist for some reason that's like, a good one. Alexi?!? Explain yoself!

Alexi Wasser is an actress and a helluva good podcaster and a bubbly, wonderful person to talk to. Check out her podcast, "Love, Alexi" ASAP and totally fall in love. With the podcast, but also her. You should also probably follow her on Instagram @alexiwasser. She stories a lot, so you never have to feel alone again!

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