78: TAXES with Caroline Creaghead

It's tax season, folks. More specifically, it's two days after Tax Day! So obviously, we're doing a whole episode about taxes... also while we're at it, could you have someone kill us? Taxes are awful. Caroline Creaghead does taxes for a living, and sees the sweet and bright side of taxes somehow!

Caroline Creaghead is a comedy producer and also a darn good tax gal who we used to know in our ol' New York days and are so glad is back in our lives! She is smart and sweet and knows her SHIT. I know this is being released post-tax day BUT if you are looking for good tax people for next year or if you're filing late, GET THEE TO BrassTaxes.com!!!! Our Lord and Savior, Accountant Rus Garofalo and his many followers will set you up!

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