9: LAS VEGAS with David Young

You could probably guess this from the title but... we don't like Las Vegas. I mean, obviously. Yet people continually gravitate to the place like it were the "Mecca" of gross and sugary alcoholic beverages with big long cups with big long straws hanging out of them! Guys, we all know Vegas is gross. But our little pal David Young thinks it's---you guessed it---GREAT. He loves Las Vegas.

David Young is a writer for The one and only Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which incidentally will feature guest Barack Obama, OUR NATION’S PRESIDENT, today, Thursday, June 9th. So go and watch that. That’s amazing. David Young is a wonderful friend, man, and writer. His only true downfall is his love for Las Vegas and his refusal to let us meet his sons.

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