Not Another D&D Podcast

with Brian Murphy and Emily Axford and Jake Hurwitz and Caldwell Tanner

BONUS CAMPAIGN - Trinyvale Ep. 9 - Skyborn Struggle

Welcome back to Trinyvale! Having escaped the Benefactor’s base unscathed, our heroes now find themselves surrounded by Raster Von Vineheart and his Dread Horizon pirates Onyx comes clean, Nyack gets sticky and Jens gets closure as Retrieval Team 22 leaps out of the frying pan and into the high-flying fire!

Music Credits

Sound Design by Daniel Ramos ( andDr.Schubird on IG)

"Trinyvale Intro and Outro" by Emily Axford

“The Shard” by Emily Axford

“Half-Brothers” by Emily Axford

“A Hunkle’s Plea” by Emily Axford

“Sweeping up the Shards” by Emily Axford

“City in the Clouds” by Emily Axford

“Where the Mountain Meets the Sky” by Emily Axford

"Blavin Blandfoot's Bellowing Blunders" by Jens Christian Tvilum

"The Infinite Cheeks of Destiny" by Jens Christian Tvilum

“The Wisdom of Neddas“ by Jens Christian Tvilum