Not Another D&D Podcast

with Brian Murphy and Emily Axford and Jake Hurwitz and Caldwell Tanner

Ep. 80: Your Own Personal Hell (The Hellfire Chronicles)


The Band of Boobs continue their journey to the next layer of Hell and immediately find themselves in hot water! Hardwon taps into his dwarven heritage, Moonshine opens up her fungal network, and Beverly confronts an anti-paladin. Support us at to get access to the after-show and a bunch of other Naddpod content! Get tickets to our upcoming live shows at

Music/Sound Effects Include:

"Scary Ambiance" by ashleyxxpiano at

"Deal with a Devil" by Emily Axford.

"The Bronzebeard Legacy" by Emily Axford.

"Sumpin's a Mess Out West" by Emily Axford.

"Mee Maw's Burden" by Emily Axford.

"Moonshine's Stump" by Emily Axford.

"The Kingshammer" by Emily Axford.

"Unknown Tome" by Emily Axford.

"Bash at the Gash" by Emily Axford.