BSCC 023 - Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter

It's CIVIL WAR, which means it's time to pick sides, Baby Nation. Are you yearning for change like the Jacks and Mary Annes of this world? Even if it leads to corruption and incompetence? Or are you looking for a strong leader like Tanner and Kristy are? Even if it means giving up some of your civil liberties? Or are you more of a Jessi, just trying to do your damn job while the club crumbles around you? Where do your allegiances lie? Music Credits: "Cute" by Bensound (CC) "Never Dying - Ambient Orchestral" by Scott Buckley (CC)"Overture" by Lionheart (CC) "You Gotta Have Theremin and Ukulele" by squidlord (CC)"Phantom Sage" by Silence (feat. Byndy)   And of course, Scott Lamb for our theme music.

This episode is brought to you by Native (use code BABYSITTERS20), and BetterHelp!
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